WhatsApp Web to get Dark mode: How to enable it before release

WhatsApp Web to get Dark mode
WhatsApp Web to get Dark mode: How to enable it before release

While all users around the world are enjoying the Dark Mode on WhatsApp mobile, the popular messaging service is currently developing a Dark theme for WhatsApp web.

Many apps have jumped on the Dark theme bandwagon. According to Google, dark mode “improves visibility for users with low vision and those who are sensitive to bright light.” It's incredible for people suffering from 'photophobia', which can cause bright light to trigger migraines

According to a report from Wabetainfo, the feature is still under development, but has provided a way to enable it before the official release.

So if you cannot wait until WhatsApp officially rolls it out or you are just curious as to how it looks, follow this little hack.

The trick was originally discovered by the smart Thales, a member of the WABetaInfo Discord Server Community and is easy to apply, even if you do not have the best of computer skills.

It is also worth noting that any browser is good for the activation.

Log in using the QR Code, if you haven't done so already.

When WhatsApp Web is ready to be used, right-click outside the chat and tap 'Inspect'.

The browser should now show now the console and the code of the page. Scroll at the top of the code to find the string ‘body class=”web”‘:

The “web” part is the class of the original theme -  the one you are currently using. Simply replace it with 'web dark', confirm tapping ENTER. WhatsApp Web will use now the dark theme.

Note that you need to repeat the procedure every time you refresh the page, or when you open WhatsApp Web from a different location (for example from a new browser or from a different browser card).

In the world of updates, WhatsApp has started to roll out Messenger Rooms Shortcuts for some Android users. 

It is a new Facebook service that offers users to create rooms where you can invite people (using an invite link) to join your video call. Those who join the call do not need a Facebook account.

WhatsApp has added the feature for some iOS users in the update, after the global roll out of Messenger Rooms from Facebook. 

WhatsApp Web to get Dark Mode soon

WhatsApp Web: Here’s how to enable dark mode right now

The company has already introduced a dark mode for its mobile application and is now working on introducing the same for the web. The question is, if the company is still developing it, how can people enable the feature right now for the web. According to a report by WABetaInfo, the dark theme can still be enabled on the web interface. There is a trick that can activate the dark mode for WhatsApp Web, the report highlighted.

How to activate dark mode on WhatsApp web

First, users have to open WhatsApp Web from the official page web.whatsapp.com.
Then the users are required to log into the web interface like they usually do. If you have never used WhatsApp web, for logging in, one has to open WhatsApp in the phone and tap on the three dots present on the top right corner of the application. Then the user needs to select the option WhatsApp Web and then scan the QR code present on the computer.
After logging in, the user needs to right click on the blank area that is present outside the chat that will give an option to inspect. 
Once this is done, a console and code of the page will be displayed by the browser. In there, the user has to find– string— body class=“web”. 
According to the report, the user needs to replace “web” with “web dark” which will change the appearance of WhatsApp web to dark mode.
While this trick can change the display, it is to note that if the user closes the page or refreshes it, the dark mode will disappear and WhatsApp web will come to the normal mode. Apart from this, there are also some plugins for the Chrome browser that can enable dark mode feature.
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