How To Use Dark Mode On Facebook's New Website Design

How To Use Dark Mode On Facebook's


Facebook redesigned its web interface

The new interface looks largely similar to Facebook's Android and iOS apps

The new interface has Dark Mode

 Aside from making the social media website's interface look better, the company also decided to add a new feature that will make using it easier and more comfortable during the evening – Facebook Dark Mode.

With around 400 million users, India is Facebook's biggest marketWith around 400 million users, India is Facebook's biggest market Photo: AFP / LOIC VENANCE

BGR noted that the new redesign makes Facebook's website easier to use. The new interface makes looking for things easier, and loading pages seems faster than ever. While these features, as well as the addition of bigger buttons, makes using the web client easier and more fun, the addition of Dark Mode changes how Facebook is being used. Here's how to enable it.

In order to use Facebook's new Dark Mode, users will need to access the new Facebook interface.

First, users will need to launch any browser then head to

Next, after logging in, users will need to tap or click on the menu icon at the top-right area of the page. For those who don't know it, the icon looks like an arrow pointing down.

After that click on the Switch to New Facebook option.

Users will then see Facebook's redesigned interface. The new interface looks largely similar to how the latest Facebook Android or iOS app looks like. This means those who like the new app interface will probably like it, while those who don't will not. Nevertheless, using the new Facebook interface is the only way to enable Dark Mode. Here's how to enable it:

First, users should tap or click on the same menu icon at the top-right portion of the page. Hovering the mouse pointer above the menu icon should result in “Account” appearing on it.

Second, a menu will appear on the screen. Users should look for the Dark Mode toggle located in the middle of the menu, then tap or click on it to enable it.

Those who want to see how the light and dark-colored interfaces vary from each other can do so by toggling the control mentioned above.

Additionally, those who want to return to the old Facebook interface can do so by tapping or clicking on the menu icon, then choosing Switch to Classic Facebook. There's no telling when Facebook will decide to remove this button, but it still works as of writing time.

Facebook Dark Mode Finally Rolling Out To Everyone, Along With New Design Ane New Featured.

Facebook Dark Mode Finally Rolling Out To Everyone, Along With New Design and new Featured

This new design and dark mode along with it have started coming to users back in March, but not all of them. Facebook was still testing the design until now.

This new design Facebook is rolling out is most certainly cleaner than the old one, and dark mode is more than welcomed. Many users have been asking for it, and it's finally here.

The new design separates your Facebook content in three parts. That was the case before, but it looks much better now, plus many different parts options have been relocated in order to offer a cleaner experience.

Your main feed is still in the middle, while various options are on the left, along with the search option. On the right, you can see sponsored stuff, upcoming birthdays, your contacts, and so on.

Facebook says that it's now easier to find videos, games, and groups, which is true. Everything is really easy to locate, finally. The company claims that this design is quite similar to its mobile experience… and it is, to a degree.

This new design will appear for you out of nowhere, though we don't know if the dark mode will be enabled by default. We've received the design quite some time ago, and we had to flip the switch on dark mode.

That will probably be the case for everyone who received this feature recently, or will receive it in the coming days. The option is extremely easy to find, thankfully. All you have to do is hit the down arrow in the top-right corner, and you'll see the dark mode option.

Dark mode for Facebook Android app is expected to arrive soon as well

Many of you are probably wondering when will Facebook roll out dark mode for Android. Well, that's something we're wondering as well. The company has promised it's coming a long time ago, but still nothing.

Pretty much every major app for Android already offers dark mode in one way or the other, but Facebook is the exception. Facebook Messenger received it a long time ago, and Instagram followed a couple of months ago.

Back in April, the design of Facebook's dark mode for Android leaked. It gave us an idea of how will it look like on iOS, and users on Android will probably get that very same design.

It seems like Facebook will not utilize pitch black dark mode for Android, like it does for Messenger. Facebook will utilize dark gray color shades instead. That feature will probably come in the near future, and while you wait, you can enjoy dark mode on the Facebook web.
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