Ways to improve creativity

October 3, 2015
Godwin Vargheese
Myth: Creativity is inborn. There are no ways to improve creativity!

I have seen many parents shrug their shoulders, with almost a sigh of giving up, that their child is not as creative as their friend’s child and that there are no ways to improve creativity. This is a myth and we at TechKnowledge Education have always insisted that creativity, like many other skills, can be learnt, practiced and improved.

Creativity is the outcome of meaningful application of everything one sees and experiences. While it is commonly believed that creativity comes by birth, top scientists and paedopsycholigists, in a remarkable revelation, have described that the creativity of a child is built based on all that a child goes through in his/her life. Some children grow up having a lot of books lying around them, some of them belong to houses that subscribe to newspapers and magazines, some have access to paintings to be inspired of, and some have a nearby garage to understand the mechanicals of a car. Careful observation, comprehension and application of all this knowledge translates into creativity.

Creativity improving techniques

While some parents complain that their children are not creative, others thoughtfully think about ways to improve creativity and engage their children in various activities that make children think, and build on their innate interests. Many children lack the courage to apply what is seen, learnt and experienced. The proven way to improve creativity is to involve children in an environment that nurtures talent and provides scope to give shape to their imagination. Children have to remain involved until this act of materializing their dreams become a habit. They will then be able to apply it every day – at home, at school and later at work. They grow up to be better logical thinkers and problem solvers. People look up to them and seek logical solution to problems. This will eventually put them ahead of their counterparts and they continue to grow up the corporate ladder and be more successful.

Robot building

Take the first Crucial Step

It all starts with the crucial first step of involving and engaging children in things that provide enough room to think, comprehend and apply. TechKnowledge Education’s Robot building program has been materialistic in providing an encouraging environment enabling children to work hands-on, make mistakes and learn from them. This is by far the best way to improve creativity in a child. Nobody is born creative. It is the environment that we create for children that makes leaders out of ordinary people.

Godwin Vargheese
Director – Development and Operations

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