Robotics at School

April 21, 2016

Technology is essential for development and innovation in today’s world. Today’s generation is very quick at adapting to new technology. Hence schools must also start implementing Technology into the learning process through Robotics. TechKnowledge Education has been working towards achieving this through various schools and has been successful in producing the desired results. Here are few reasons why you must implement Robotics at school level.

It is a fun way of learning

Who would not love to learn in a fun environment with Robots and machines which give practical knowledge? Children today do not want to just immerse themselves inside textbooks; rather they would prefer something interesting and educational at the same time. Also studies have revealed that students respond well to subjects that involve programming of robots. The kits required are also easily available for parents to locate. Robotics at school can be made fun by organising competitions for various age groups by asking them to build robots and racing them which will make learning easier.

Robotics at school

Effective way of introducing Programming to students

Programming can be difficult for students, whereas learning how to construct a robot and knowing its functions can introduce them to a whole new world of what a robot can and cannot do. This way the growing demand of teaching science, technology, engineering and maths can be made easier through Robotics at school. While they learn how to program the robots they can also get hold of how science, maths, engineering and technology come together to form a link.

Provides skill for future

By “skill for future” we are talking about what kind of career path the children want to choose for themselves. Through Robots, children get to know a little about how Science, technology, maths and engineering are linked to each other which also makes way for them to understand concepts at school clearly and implement it in future at their places of work. Robotics at school level not just teaches them STEM Education but also trains them to take decisions of their own as to what career path they would like to choose in future. It is important that this practice starts from school level.

Creative freedom

Robotics is becoming a part of everyday life so much so that people are easily able to understand its common applications. Students are also fascinated by the creative freedom they have when it comes to managing and programming the robots. Since it has a wide application platform ranging from simple toothbrush to engines of cars and trains, students have plenty that they can experiment with Robotics taught at school. The experience of building robots and working with them also builds in their confidence and capabilities to face challenges. It is essential to give creative freedom to kids as that is when they develop and grow up to be intelligent and practical individuals.

Robotics at school

Robotics is all about the future and the need of the hour. Knowing about the world we live in and the problems we face, we just need technology that can help tackle these problems effectively and in times of need and who better than the present generation to do that? It is fun and anyone can learn it. Let’s hope to create a future where robotics will slowly become a major subject in the curriculum in schools and that is when real change will happen. Hope this post gave you insights on “Why it is essential to implement Robotics at school”. Please do let us know of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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