Robotics and STEM Education

July 3, 2015
Godwin Vargheese
Engineering is still a subject

Engineering is still one of the most preferred professional courses among youngsters. Every year thousands of students, after completing their school education, work hard to get a placement in a reputed engineering college. The reason for this is not necessarily a passion for engineering but rather peer pressure and the glorification of this field of science. The students are then forced to see the stark reality and the realm of engineering comes as a surprise to them. A child opting for a career in medicine is spared this distress as the child is primed for a biological career if he just concentrates on biology and chemistry in school. School curriculum does not include any module that focuses on engineering in particular. A theoretical approach to math and science are alone not sufficient for a child to understand engineering in its real sense.


Colleges and schools should work hand in hand to produce a curriculum that conforms to engineering. However in the lack of such a syllabus, students feel marooned as soon as they take up an engineering course. It usually takes a student at least a semester or even a year to get accustomed to the concepts of engineering. In some countries, robotic courses have cropped up to fill this void. However, until recent years this option has not been available to students in India.

STEM education at TechKnowledge

We at TechKnowledge Education have taken up the responsibility to overcome this by launching several activity based robotics learning programs for school goers. Realizing the need for introducing the concepts of engineering to children, we have various levels of engineering modules designed not just for this purpose but to also improve a student’s current academic performance. We understand that children today have to be conditioned for tomorrow’s technology and our 12 activity centers in India and abroad focus on Robotics and STEM education catering to the future needs of the children


Why is STEM important

All our courses focus on STEM Education (An acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). STEM education forms the core of a Child’s performance in his field of interest. STEM is used in everyday life. Simple mathematical counting to large scale inventions are the outcome of a strong STEM foundation. Our carefully defined modules enable children to have a strong foundation in STEM areas which not only increases their creative and innovative skills but also gives them the confidence to create, invent, and excel in their field be it engineering or medicine, carpentry or pot making.

Robotics and STEM Education

STEM is best experienced using robotics, as the completely activity based modules are Involving, entertaining and encouraging. A student’s interest is sustained for a longer duration than any other STEM based activity. It also gives the students an opportunity to innovate and explore.


International Exposure

Another important aspect of the program is the international exposure that children receive. Time and again, the students of TechKnowledge Education participate and win international competitions. It is to be noted that our students have won the prestigious World Robot Olympiad title in the recently ended Olympiad season. Click here to read more about the Olympiad.

Our courses or camps on robotics can be availed at any of our TechKnowledge Education center located in India and Abroad. Click here to know the locations. For more information visit

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These programs opened the door for PCS to package its products and offer easy-to-implement curriculum supplements and hands-on educational kits.


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