Robot Building Courses

October 7, 2015
Godwin Vargheese

Robot Building courses of TechKnowledge Education

The robot building courses of TechKnowledge Education are carefully designed to train students to think dynamically. The complexity of the modules increase progressively providing constant room for thought. The speed and duration of each course is set based on data driven from research on the concentration span and understanding level of students.

Robot Building Programs

Robot building courses at School

The needs of each school is different. With a rich experience in in-school robot building courses we understand that the way a program is packaged for one school does not always hold good for the other. While some schools have a lot of time and flexibility to adopt innovative programs such as robotics, others face a serious crunch of time. Not to mention that students of one school are always different from the other. Though all schools in unison wish to provide the best to their students, the practical difficulties at hand holds them back from being able to materialize it.

We at TechKnowledge Education have rightly understood this and have developed all our robot building courses in a way that it can be tailored to the needs of each school. Every aspect of the program – the duration, age of Students, understanding levels, availability of time etc. can be customized without compromising on the core values of the program. This makes our courses an easy fit into the existing academic system of any school following any kind of academic pattern.

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