How Being From A Non-Technical Background Can Be The Biggest Strength Of Your Tech Start Up

September 15, 2017
Godwin Vargheese

Technology Business

Entrepreneurship is all about breaking the framework. Let’s first establish this before we even begin divulging into one another’s perspective.

When I tell people I’m from a non-technical background, I am not just telling them that I can’t write a line of code. I’m also telling them that I’m a layman who gets fascinated by technology much like one gets fascinated by magic.

My fascination with technology often inspires me to dream about what technology could dive into. These dreams take the form of untamed ideas that are bustling with possibilities. That right, there is the essence Tech giants are established on.


Let there be no qualms that you lack a certain skill set that is essential for the operation of a tech start-up. But if every mind in the room will think in the same language, who will explore the possibilities?

You’re the ideas mind. When everybody else is brainstorming on a problem, they think within the framework of already established technology. When you brainstorm on the same problem, you think of it as an abstract problem, as a situation that can have uncountable solutions you do not take into account the framework. You work out of it.

You stay up nights trying to solve the puzzle that will lead you to the fulfillment of the possibility you dreamt of. You stay up trying to make the impossible possible.

Embrace Technology

Embrace Technology 

Your ability to not be bogged down by framework becomes invaluable in chasing the dream. People don’t join startups for their technical prowess. They join start-ups because of the dream a venture is trying to chase. You’re the one that will inspire new people to believe in your vision, earning their loyalty in the process.

The tech guys need you just as much as you need them in chasing this dream. It’s all a matter of understanding your significance and aligning it with a dream.


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