Machine Learning and artificial intelligence are going to change the way we do things

September 14, 2017
Godwin Vargheese
Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence

Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence

Humans are the only race that has ventured into various forms of progress. While other species may have evolved emotionally and socially, humans have shown a cultural growth outside of their social structure. The reason is the human conscience, the instinct that makes humans question, doubt and learn.

This practice of questioning, doubting and learning has taken the human civilization from its roots in the jungle to the landscape of another planet. After centuries of technological evolution, we’re bordering on imparting this instinct to an object of our creation. To transmit this inexplicable trait into a machine to allow it to learn from its own mistakes is the broader definition of machine learning.

Machine learning, if used effectively, can be the greatest invention of our time. Machines have already proven their efficiency in providing a better life for our race. From laptops to surgical robots, the bandwidth of implementing machines to do human work has increased multifold. The manufacturing industry heavily relies on the operation of machines, couple that with a conscience to learn and improve and we’ll find ourselves on the brink of a technological revolution.

The next logical step is to integrate machine learning with a domain that needs revamping. Education, for example, is a domain that desperately needs to be refined. The age-old practice of memorizing the syllabus to pass exams is causing more harm than good.

Linking with Education

The need of the hour is to approach education like a vocation instead of it being compulsively pushed down students’ throats. Machine learning can facilitate this change by organizing and optimizing the curriculum in schools to upgrade the quality of education students are exposed to. The same technology can then be used to track individual progress of each student and make future strategies for them. That’s where artificial intelligence steps in.

Real world application of academic knowledge has been absent from Indian classrooms for the longest time. With artificial intelligence, our students can conveniently become part of an exercise that helps students to understand how information from the books can be applied to the outside world. Adaptive Learning Systems and Game-based Learning System are some of the features of machine learning that will change the way we approach education.

Similarly, the implementation of robotics in our schools will not just bridge the gap between the curriculum and the real world; it will also drive students to classes. The presence of Robotics in schools will demystify complex technologies for students and will further develop their interest in this mammoth field. More young students opting to learn artificial intelligence is exactly how we need to approach the future.

Once we transform our education system with the help of effective technology, the paradigm of our issues will turn upside down. We will no longer be slaves to our needs. The future generations will be the masters of innovation if we implement machine learning and artificial intelligence in our lifestyle today.

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