If it is Robotics, then it is TechKnowledge Education!!

September 18, 2017
Godwin Vargheese
Robotics by TechKnowledge Education

Robotics by TechKnowledge Education

According to IDC, worldwide spending on robotics will reach $230.7 billion by 2021. Most of the Tech giants around the world have already adapted to the changing trends and are embracing robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Robotics is reshaping the entire industry from agriculture to medical science to filmmaking.

Stay Ahead Of the Curve

TechKnowledge believes in starting as early as possible to educate children on STEM-based Robotics Learning System to make learning science interesting and fun filled. Robotics has started to penetrate the traditional curriculum across the world as most countries have started to take notice and impart it within their education system. TechKnowledge is the forerunner when it comes to robotics education in India. With 50,000 students spread across 55 schools in India, we are the largest robotics educators for school students in India.

Provide Customized Solutions

Our modules are not one size fits all, but they are highly customizable based on the needs of the school, age and understanding levels of the kids. Completely fun-filled, concept-based learning system helps students to understand scientific concepts and the gradual learning curve makes sure they have an in-depth understand before they go on to the next level as they build robot models.

Deliver In-Depth learning

Each session is divided into Planning, Design, Construction, Programming and operating robots. We believe that just glossing over the surface is not enough and hence all students also learn the science and technology behind each model about what makes them work.

Armed with global standards of robotics education, our students went on the finishing second in the WorldRobot Olympiad which was held in Russia.

You could be part of the largest and fastest growing robotics educators for school students in India. With India’s education market to nearly double to $180 bn by 2020, this is the right time to step into the market with TechKnowledge. We will help you set up a TechKnowledge center of your own. You will receive comprehensive training that is backed by a competent Research and Development team, that will provide continuous product updates. And the best part is that you don’t even need prior experience in the field of robotics, as long as you have the spirit of entrepreneurship. Come on, join the next big revolution!

Technology meets human needs


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