CSR partner for robotics to deliver robotics education to the underprivileged.

Creating Value, Sustainability and Prosperity have always remained the sole purpose of an ideal Social Responsibility initiative. A successful CSR initiative gets to the grassroots of the society, identifies and understands the social and economic issues faced by the underprivileged and addresses them through strategic CSR activities. The success rate of a CSR initiative is ascertained by the measurable outcome of such an activity. The painstaking task of identifying, understanding and successfully addressing the social and economic issues is made seamless by CSR partners who possess abundant knowledge on the local market and also possess the expertise to deliver values to the well-deserved. TechKnowledge Education, your CSR partner for robotics will do just that on your behalf.

CSR Partner for Robotics

The most challenging task in a CSR exercise is to zero in on the most efficient initiative that will make a difference to the society, environment and ecology. All of us would agree that Education is the elixir that will alleviate social evils. Education brings about development and sustainability in a society. The quest for knowledge among the underprivileged is evident. All educational CSR initiatives focus on providing basic education to these children elevating them to a better socio-economic position. Great. However, what these initiatives fail to address is the enthusiastic involvement of children. Children rarely find them interesting. Thanks to the financial pressure on the family that makes it a better option to go back to work abandoning school. It is, therefore important and urgent to make education interesting and fun filled for these students. It is time for socially responsible corporates to give up on traditional CSR initiatives and look at options that are fun and entertaining. This will ensure maximum payback of the CSR budget.

Robotics for school children is a new innovative way of learning Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It makes education more involving and is the best activity based learning methodology ever known. A lot of schools across the globe are implementing robotics as a part of their curriculum due to its ability to sustain the interest of children in the long term and also due to the promise it holds for the future. Robotics for school students, however, is a pricey affair. The cost of equipment and quality training has still kept robotics out of reach for many. This is a clear challenge and lays the onus in the hands of responsible corporates who have a strong vision to reach out to the underprivileged and provide the best available education that only those with a sound financial background could enjoy.

CSR Partner for Robotics

We at TechKnowledge Education possess abundant experience in delivering robotics education to school students. Our 10+ facilities in India and abroad provide quality robotics education to thousands of students across the globe. We as a CSR partner for Robotics, along with like-minded corporates, reach out to thousands of underprivileged students, educate them on the basics of robotics and provide them hands-on experience on robot building using sophisticated MindstormsĀ® kits imported from the United States. The value hence created is compelling for students. They stay focused, complete tasks and love doing it again and again. We are amazed by the interest of the students and the value generated.

CSR Partner for Robotics

As a CSR partner, we take over the task of delivering value based education to underprivileged students. On behalf of the sponsor, we understand the needs, identify the region/population, deliver top-notch robotics education to students, and present to them the detailed report of the event complete with video and testimonials. We handle all coordination and logistics freeing the corporates a lot of their valuable time.

CSR Partner for Robotics

We encourage corporates who strongly believe in this ideology to join hands with us and we assure not a just to deliver your CSR outreach but to create a real measurable value. Our corporate CSR partner initiative is designed to provide maximum mileage to the company and ensure that children go back home with a strong goodwill about the company. To partner with us to deliver your CSR initiative, please call +919789019985 or drop an email to csr@techknowledge.in and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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“It was wonderful getting to know you and your organisations vision for education. As a fellow at teach for India which has a vision of “One day all children will attain excellent education”, I saw an excellent and inspiring education of kids today. You created an awe in kids and inspired them to learn more.
Thanks for reaching out to our kids who have less exposure to the outside world. I would love your organisation to visit our school again and more such underresourced school and work toward ending the educational inequity in our country.
All the best for your movement of educational equity for all children through technology for a better, brighter India.”

Avinash Babu M
Fellow, Teach for India.

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